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Future Tenant FAQs

  1. What does WaterMarke do to help their tenants?
    At WaterMarke Management Group, we believe that property management allows a tenant that peace of mind needed to live a relaxed lifestyle during their rental stay. We offer our tenants beautiful rental homes without the worry of on-going maintenance. As the intermediary between owner and tenant, we offer solutions for a satisfying relationship.
  2. What are the benefits of being a WaterMarke tenant?
    We work to maximize your tenant experience and minimize your risk. We can accomplish this by: offering professional guidance, anticipating your rental needs, defining owner/tenant relationships and having attorney written leases & renewals. We have 24/7 service, 24hour emergency maintenance, online tenant portals for payments and submitting work orders and phone-email-text to the office.
  3. How do I apply?
    You can apply online by visiting our website, Go to available properties, click on the address of the property and click on ‘Apply Now’ button to start the process. $55.00 application fee per applicant. All prospective tenants 18 years and older must apply.
  4. What is on a lease application?
    You will be asked to provide your information including social security number – this will allow a credit and background check. You will also be asked to provide employment/income history, rental history and personal references.
  5. What is the criteria for a rental application?
  6. How much is a rental application fee?
    $55.00 – online rental application. Non-refundable. Fee is via credit card on a secure website.
  7. Are pets allowed?
    Every owner for each property will determine if pets are allowed. Please contact WaterMarke Management Group to learn details regarding each property.
  8. What is the pet fee?
    Stnadard Pet fee is $300.00 per pet. However, the fee is determined by the owner and may be increased depending on the pet and/or circumstances. Non-refundable pet fee. Funds are due at signing of lease. Fee must be in the form of a certified check made out to WaterMarke Management Group.
  9. What happens next after I submit my application?
    Your application is electronically received by WaterMarke Management Group. Your information is screened using 4 categories: Credit, Background, Employment and Rental History. Processing can take up to 2 business days. Once reviewed, it will be processed as either accepted, further review and information needed or denied. Link to ‘Application Criteria and Procedures’ PDF.
  10. What is Renter’s Insurance?
  11. Why have Renter’s Insurance?
    Renters insurance is an insurance policy, carried by the tenant, which generally provides coverage for the tenant’s personal items and liability from accidental injuries to guests and property damage. Liability requirements vary accordingly to each property.
  12. How much is Renter’s Insurance?
    Renters insurance is very affordable, typically about $15-$20 a month, and is available from all major insurance companies.
  13. What is required for Moving In to a new unit?
    An approved rental application that is signed by owner(s) and tenant(s). The first month’s rent, security deposit, pet fee (if applicable) and other charges may apply. These items are to be certified checks made payable to: WaterMarke Management Group, LLC. Monies can also be wired. Contact the office: (904) 221-8850 to get the wiring instructions.
  14. How is the interior/ exterior of the unit’s condition documented prior to moving in to the unit?
    Prior to Move-In, we hire a 3rd party company to do an inspection report with photo documentation.
  15. How do I pay my rent?
    Rent is due on the 1st of each month and is considered late at Noon (12PM) on the 5th day of the month. Please be aware of holidays and weekends.
  16. How do I pay my rent?
    You can pay your rent either through your tenant portal, direct deposit, or check. Please see the ‘Tenant’s Handbook’.
  17. When is the first month’s, security deposit and pet fees (if applicable) due?
    All checks are due at the signing of the lease by owner(s) and tenant(s).
  18. How do I pay my first month’s, security deposit and pet fees (if applicable)?
    These items are to be certified checks made payable to: WaterMarke Management Group, LLC. Monies can also be wired.
    Contact the office: (904) 221-8850 to get the wiring instructions.
  19. Are there any other fees?
    Each unit varies with other fees. Some are associated with HOA (Home Owner Associations). Other fees may include: HOA Application fees, remote gate openers (if a gated community), pool/amenity card keys, and/or miscellaneous condo fees. A WaterMarke Management team member can best explain the fees if they apply to your unit. See ‘Tenant Fees Schedule’ PDF for more information.
  20. How do I get the utilities in my name?
    Once your lease is signed by all parties and the required monies are received by WaterMarke Management Group, you can contact the local utility provider(s) for your unit. This should be done at least 3 days prior to your move in date and sooner for gas service.
    Contact the office if you are unsure of your utility provider.
  21. What is the difference between a move in date and lease signing date?
    Move in Date is when your rental application is approved and signed by all parties, monies have been received by WaterMarke Management Group, and you have signed out your keys for your unit. The date your lease begins. You can move into your unit on this date. A lease signing date is when the owner(s) and the tenant(s) have signed the lease.
  22. How do I contact WaterMarkeManagement Group?

    Greg Bowman, Executive Director
    Office: (904) 221-8850
    Email: Greg(at)WMGFlorida(dotted)com

    Laura Hasker, Administrative Manager
    Office: (904) 221-8850
    Email: Laura(at)WMGFlorida(dotted)com