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Future Owner FAQs

  1. What does WaterMarkeManagement Group do to help their owners?
    As a leading luxury property management company in North Florida, WaterMarke Management Group strives to create a profitability plan that is customized to each owner for their property. Our goal is to ‘Maximize profitability of your rental property by Maximizing your marketing exposure and Minimizing your risk.’
  2. How do I start the process of obtaining property management with WaterMarke Realty Group?
    To learn more about our services and how we can help you, please contact Greg Bowman, Executive Director.
    Email: Greg(at)WMGFlorida(dotted)com or Office: 904-221-8850.
  3. What is a lease management agreement?
    When you hire a property manager, it is important that you review their management agreement carefully so that you understand what you are agreeing to. It should include: Services & Fees, Responsibilities of Property Owner, Comply with Equal Opportunity Housing, Liability, Contract Duration and Termination Clause.

  4. How do I prepare my home for tenants?
  5. How do you screen new tenants?
    Tenants are screened using a 3rd party screening company that performs a background & credit check. This is followed by verification of income & rental history.
  6. What is on a lease application?
  7. What is the criteria for a rental application?
  8. What type of Insurance do I need to have when I have a property that is being managed?
  9. What is required for a tenant to move into a new unit?
    Tenant screening, approval from owner, signed lease by all parties and certified checks for: 1st month’s rent, security deposit and non-refundable pet fee (if applicable). Plus, a move-in inspection report with photos.
  10. How is the interior/exterior of the unit’s condition documented prior to moving in to the unit?
    We use a 3rd party company to conduct a move-in inspection. This inspection includes photo documentation and is necessary for comparison to the move-out inspection.
  11. Are there any other fees?
  12. How do I contact WaterMarke Management Group, LLC?

    Greg Bowman, Executive Director
    Office: (904)221-8850
    Email: Greg(at)WMGFlorida(dotted)com

    Laura Hasker, Administrative Manager
    Office: (904)221-8850
    Email: Laura(at)WMGFlorida(dotted)com