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Current Tenant FAQs

  1. What is required for Moving Out of a unit?
    See complete details on our Moving Out page.
  2. What is a Move Out Inspection?
    We hire a 3rd party company to do a full interior and exterior inspection of the home with written and photographic documentation. The cost is $125.00 to the tenant(s). See sample Move Out Inspection Report PDF.
  3. How do I extend a lease?
    Please contact Greg Bowman, Property Management Director to discuss a lease extension. This item will have to be discussed with the owner first. If owner accepts then an attorney written lease extension will be written and signed by all parties.
  4. How do I add someone to my lease?
    Please contact our office for more details. We contact the owner first. If owner approves then we can send the person an online rental application. This application will go through screening for: Credit, Background, Employment and Rental History. If approved then they must be added to the lease. Lease re-writing fee of $45.00 applies to the new tenant.
  5. What happens if I need to move sooner than my lease vacate date?
    tenants do not have the right to ‘break’ the lease for their apartments (i.e. they cannot move out before the end of their lease – and if they do, they can be charged for the remaining months). The good news, however, is that the same rule works the other way around: Your landlord is similarly unable to ‘break’ your lease (i.e. you cannot be told to leave before the end of your lease) because, for instance, another tenant comes along who is willing to pay more than you. The purpose of a lease is to legally bind both parties to certain conditions, including the length of time the tenant will rent the apartment, and the rent to be charged during that time.
  6. How do I submit a work order for repairs?
    You will be given access to a tenant online portal. Each tenant (over the age of 18 years) will be sent an email link to set up their own portal. You can submit service requests through your portal.
  7. Who do I contact if I have an afterhours repair emergency?
    You can call our 24Hour Emergency Hotline. They can help you with most easy fixes or direct you with items that require immediate attention. 904-221-8867.
  8. Can I make any physical changes (paint, etc.) to the unit?
    You MUST contact us if you wish to make any changes to the unit. All requests must be in writing. We will contact the owner and let you know if the owner approves.
  9. Can I use the onsite amenities at the community if I am a tenant?
    If permitted then it will be written into your lease.
  10. Why am I getting late fees?
    If you send in payments after the 5th of the month then you will be charged a late fee.
  11. What happens if I make a late payment on my rent?
    You will be charged a late fee. See Tenant Fees Schedule PDF.
  12. Can I get evicted?
  13. How do I renew a lease?
    Please contact Greg Bowman, Property Management Director to discuss a lease renewal. This item will have to be discussed with the owner first. If owner accepts then an attorney written lease renewal will be written and signed by all parties. Cost: $
  14. How do I get another key if I lost mine?
    Please contact our office during business hours Monday-Sunday 9AM-5:30PM. If it is after hours please contact: 904-221-8867.
  15. Who takes care of lawn maintenance?
    Your lease will specify who is responsible for lawn and or any other exterior items such as pool maintenance.
  16. Who takes care of scheduled maintenance of HVAC?
    Most often it is the owner’s responsibility.
  17. Am I responsible for changing the filters for HVAC?
  18. How long is a guest allowed to live in my unit before they need to sign a lease?
    Guests can stay up to 72 hours at the unit.
  19. Are there any other fees?
    Yes.Please see the Tenant Fee Schedule which is a part of your signed lease agreement.
  20. How do I contact WaterMarke Realty Group?
    Our main office number is: 904-221-2605.
    Greg Bowman, Executive Director
    Cell: 904-662-5095
    Email: Greg(at)WaterMarkeFL(dotted)com
    Laura Hasker, Administrative Manager
    Email: Laura(at)WMGFlorida(dotted)com
    Julie Liles, Property Management Coordinator
    Cell: 904-763-3472
    Email: Julie(at)WMGFlorida(dotted)com