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Move Out

Owner Move Out

Ready for a new tenant to move out? We want to help you through this process to make it seamless for you and the tenants.

Check out our helpful ‘Move Out’ Checklist for the necessary steps.

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  • Make sure to contact all utility companies to add your name back to the property – have it start the (1) day after the lease will end.  Ask the utility co. that no lapse occurs.
  • Tenant will contact utility companies to have their name removed – as of the day after the lease ends.
  • A third-party photo and written report inspection of the property will occur the day after the lease ends.

    • The post-tenancy documentation is paid by the tenant.
  • A repair list will be made if any damages have occurred to property.
  • Security Deposit Claim Process (if applicable)

    • Tenant must provide new forwarding address.
    • Must mail tenant notice within 30 days of vacating
    • If no claim is made, the security deposit will be returned to tenant after 15 days of vacating.
    • If no response from tenant within 15 days of notice, owner will collect claim and mail remaining deposit to tenant.