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What is the Best Time to List a Rental Property?

If you own rental property, you want to get the most value out of your space. In general, landlords will receive more rental applications over the summer months – 51% more applications compared to the winter. Because of this increase in deman...

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Tenant Screening Warning Signs You Should Not Ignore

Finding good tenants is easier than it sounds. Don’t worry, good tenants DO exist, but it’s your job as the owner/landlord to put the work in to find a good-quality tenant. When looking for a tenant, it is essential you go through a scre...

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9 Reasons to Hire a Property Management Company

Many landlords or building owners don’t own just one building. Many landlords or building owners have other investments or jobs. Because of this, these individuals can be short on time, and are unable to properly manage their buildings – th...

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Facts about Renters with Pets

Before placing renters in your property, you will have to decide on a pet policy. There are negatives to pets, such as the ability to cause damage to your property, but there are also positives to pets, including responsible pet owners being gr...

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Benefits of Renter’s Insurance

Having a good renter’s insurance policy can be the difference between protection and disaster in the event of property damage or theft. It can cover medical payments as well. It means coverage for medical expenses if someone, other than a r...

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Marketing Makes a Difference

Technology and marketing are a perfect union in today’s world. Almost everyone is shopping online and finding the perfect rental property is no different. WaterMarke Management Group is leading the way to ensure a positive marketing exper...

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